Build Muscle or Lose Fat? Prioritise...

Is optimal muscle building and optimal fat loss possible at the same time?

Although a better body composition can be achieved over all, both muscle building and fat loss cannot be achieved OPTIMALLY at the same time. Don't get me wrong, you can most definitely build muscle and lose fat simultaneously, but OPTIMALLY? That's what I'm questioning here. 

It's better to decide your most important priority at this moment, so: is it to pack on some size in a short space of time or get ripped and shredded quick before that holiday, photo shoot or special occasion?

Let me explain:
When it comes to NUTRITION, the calorie intake required to pack on mass won't allow optimal fat loss and the caloric deficit required to get shredded won't allow optimal muscle building. 

When it comes to TRAINING, there is no point being sad over losing a little strength whilst getting really lean and no point being angry over still holding that pinch of fat when your still fixated over benching 150kg. Split routines are excellent for building muscle optimally but full body splits are superior for fat loss. 

So it really is a matter of deciding what is priority. After you've achieved your goal you can use maintenance protocols until you decide again to either bulk up or lean out. General healthy body composition can be achieved but to get bigger or leaner in a short space of time really does require you prioritising either / or but not both.

As a mentor of mine always said, If you only have one behind, you can't sit on two horses!

Kul Bedi