The Importance of Protein After Training

Protein is also an important part of a post-workout meal. After all, in order for the muscles to begin to grow, they need the building material to create new cells, and it is actually protein that is needed. However, consuming protein products immediately after the workout will be unreasonable.

The digestive system needs time to recover after the workout and to begin to function fully. During exercise, all blood flow is directed mainly to the muscles and deprives other organs. As a result, their work is compromised and they are unable to perform it fully. In this case it concerns the stomach and the entire digestive tract. Therefore, when consuming protein immediately after the workout, we overload the stomach. Protein digestion and their breakdown into amino acids are time consuming and will not be able to go on until the stomach is ready for work. Hence, protein intake immediately after training is not recommended. Its intake will be justified and necessary 1-2 hours after the end of the workout.

Immediately after training you can and should take BCAA. Amino acids are a ready-made protein processing product and will absolutely not burden the digestive system and will immediately begin to absorb into the muscle. Their use protects against catabolism and initiates muscle growth in the first minutes after training. But do not forget about high IG carbohydrates because without them the BCAA action in this case will be insignificant and will go to supplement energy stores rather than to increase muscle mass.